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Landlord Information

Rental property owners with a good payment history can have electric service automatically transferred into their name when a tenant closes an account.

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Establish a Landlord Agreement

  • Fill out and return the landlord agreement form.
  • A confirmation letter will be mailed to the owner who established the agreement. It is then the owner's responsibility to cancel or change the agreement if transfer is no longer wanted or if the property is sold.

When the Agreement Won't be Activated

There are times when the Landlord Agreement is not activated:

  • If the electric service must be disconnected to settle non-payment of a bill by the customer of record.
  • If there has been fraud or theft of electric service.
  • If the Landlord Agreement is set for a seasonal time period of the year. Seasonal Landlord Agreements can be set for the time period of November 1 - April 15.
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