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Restore Service After Disconnection

If your service has been disconnected due to non-payment, please follow these steps to restore service.

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1. Pay Your Bill & Fees

  • Pay the past due amount as stated on your disconnection notice and applicable reconnection charges. You may also be required to pay a security deposit.

2. Contact Customer Service

  • Call Customer Service at 800-433-8500 during business hours with your confirmation/receipt number. You must speak with an agent and provide your confirmation number before 3 p.m. for a same-day reconnection.
  • If you notify Customer Service after 3 p.m. Monday-Friday, your reconnection will be scheduled for the following business day.

3. Safely Get Reconnected

  • For safety reasons, it may be necessary for an adult to be present for reconnection. If this is not possible, we can reconnect without an adult present if the service was disconnected at an accessible self-contained meter.
  • All breakers must be in the "off" position and any fuses must be removed. This is required for your safety, as well as the safety of your home and our technician.
  • If a responsible adult is not home and the breakers are not off and fuses are not removed, reconnection may be delayed until the next business day.
  • DP&L uses contracted technicians to perform collections and field service work. Technicians do not stop work at 5 p.m. We are not able to schedule reconnection appointments or provide a time window for when reconnection will occur on a specific day.

Payment Assistance is Available

Special assistance is available for financial and medical need. Learn More??

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Or, business customers call 800-253-5801

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