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Install Renewable Energy

At Your Home or Business

DP&L offers the opportunity for customers to generate electricity at your home or business from renewable resources. Renewable energy is electricity produced from resources – like the sun, wind, water and more – that do not pollute the environment.?

Technology advances have made installation more accessible for DP&L customers. Here's what to consider before investing in renewable generation systems, like solar panels or wind turbines.

What To Consider



Renewable Energy Connection Process

What to expect when installing and connecting solar panels or other renewable energy systems.


Net Metering

If you install solar panels or another renewable energy system, consider how your bill may change.


Interconnection Applications

Download applications and resources for your interconnection project.


Sell DP&L Your RECs

If you generate renewable energy, you may be eligible to sell Renewable Energy Credits (also known as Certificates and RECs) to DP&L.


Your Net Meter Bill

See a diagram of what is different on a net meter bill.