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Electric Choice FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked electric choice questions.

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No. DP&L does not have a sales team and does not solicit customers about switching suppliers. DP&L employees always carry DP&L photo identification badges.

The person was likely an employee of a registered electric generation supplier. Always ask to see the badge of anyone who approaches your home. Call the police if you are bullied or a salesperson steps into your home uninvited. A salesperson asking you to switch providers does not need to enter your home to complete the transaction. If a salesperson's behavior is not business-like, you may contact the PUCO at 800-686-7826.

If you decide to switch, you will need to provide your Dayton Power & Light account number to do so. However, if you are just considering it, do not provide your account number or other personal information.

Your electric generation supplier is your personal choice and there are many reasons why one supplier will work well for your home or business while another will not. The PUCO offers an Apples to Apples website at to help you compare offers available to you and learn more about choosing an electric supplier.

Additionally, DP&L offers the following questions you may want to ask the certified suppliers you are considering:

  • How long has your company been in business?
  • What generation sources are used to produce electricity and what are the environmental impacts?
  • Have there been complaints filed about your company with the PUCO or Better Business Bureau?
  • What are the contract terms?
  • How does the contract renew?
  • Will I receive two bills?
  • Do you offer Budget Billing?
  • Do you offer Summary Billing (business customers)?
  • Is there a penalty/termination fee if I decide to cancel service or switch to a different supplier before the end of my contract? Please show me where this is stated in the contract.
  • What is the supplier's total price?
  • Is there a fixed price for the entire contract?
  • What happens to the price at the end of the contract?
  • Does the price fluctuate during different times of the day or year? Or based on how much energy I use in a certain time period?
  • Are there any fees which could affect my overall cost?
  • Are there any built-in price increases or decreases?
  • Are there any minimum payment requirements?
  • How can I pay my bill?
Alternative suppliers may have account fees or early termination fees if you select another supplier before your contract expires.
No. Unauthorized switching is called "slamming" and it is illegal. If your service has been switched without your authorization, call the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) at 800-686-7826.

Yes. DP&L offers a standard offer rate to all customers within our service territory. Customers who switch to an alternate electric supplier can return to DP&L's standard offer rate at any time. However, we strongly encourage all customers to closely read contracts to determine the length of the contract, the details of any early termination fees and many other important considerations.

Once DP&L receives notification from an alternate electric supplier that you are going to switch, you will receive a switching confirmation letter from us. If you do not want to switch to the alternate supplier, you must notify DP&L by the deadline stated on your confirmation letter (which is legally set at seven days after the letter's postmarked date). To notify DP&L, call 800-433-8500 and select Electric Choice. Or, sign into MyDP&L. If you contact us before the deadline, you will remain with your current supplier and will not be subject to any fees. If you do not call by the deadline on your confirmation letter, you will be switched to your new supplier.

Once you switch, you may have to pay a fee to the supplier for switching back to DP&L before your contract ends.

Most suppliers charge a termination fee to switch to another supplier before your contract expires. If you switch several times over a short time period, like within a few months, each different supplier can charge a fee for canceling service before the end of your contract. If the supplier tells you there is not a termination fee with his or her contract, be sure to get that in writing.
If you are a Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) customer, you are not eligible to choose an alternate generation supplier. Call the Ohio Department of Development at 800-282-0880 if you have questions concerning the programs.
Yes, but please be advised that DP&L cannot budget the supply portion of your bill that goes to your supplier, we can only budget your delivery charges. Check with your supplier to learn if they offer budget billing.
No, DP&L's standard offer rate is regulated and only available to customers within DP&L's service territory. If you are not a DP&L customer, you will want to contact your local electric utility to find alternative generation suppliers in your area.
The PUCO offers an Apples to Apples website at to help you compare offers available to you and learn more about choosing an electric supplier. You may also call the PUCO at 800-686-7826 or call DP&L at 800-433-8500.
A kilowatt hour is the standard measurement for the amount of electricity a customer uses over an hour. For example, you use 1 kWh of electricity to light a 100-watt bulb for 10 hours.
Yes, DP&L will continue to read your meter monthly and bill for distribution charges.

Residential customers?will not need a new meter if they switch suppliers.

Business customers that switch to an alternate supplier and have a demand of 200 kW or higher during the last 12 months will require an interval meter.

You must have a signed and completed interval meter request to DP&L before you can switch to an alternate supplier, otherwise your enrollment could be delayed. There is a charge of $570 for the installation of a new interval meter; that cost can be spread over up to 24 monthly billing periods.


    Yes, the PUCO continues to regulate the delivery of electricity and monitor the safety and reliability of your electric service.
    You will be able to return to DP&L's standard offer rate, which will supply you with your electricity at its current standard offer rates, and you will not be liable for any costs associated with the switch back to DP&L.
    Call DP&L at 877-4OUTAGE or report your power outage online. DP&L remains responsible for restoring your service in the event it is interrupted.
    This depends upon your electric generation supplier. Ask this question when you are evaluating options.
    If you are a DP&L multiple account customer and are currently receiving a summary bill for all of your DP&L accounts, it is important to discuss billing options with any potential alternate electric generation supplier. You can continue to receive a summary bill from DP&L for DP&L services, but you will receive a separate summary bill from the alternative supplier, if they offer this service.
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