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Reconnection After Tornado Damage

If your home or business cannot receive service due to tornado damage, here's what you need to know.

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Stop Service

If you are unable to occupy your home or business, we recommend you call DP&L to stop service. Please take this step for your personal safety and to prevent further damage to your property or a potential fire. Taking this step will also stop your monthly bills.

How to Stop Service

Please speak with an agent so we can manually change your stop service date.

What to do if you receive a hazard tag?

At a typical customer location, there is a service line that connects through a masthead, service entrance cable and meter box. In many instances, there is only a service entrance cable and meter box. DP&L installs and maintains the service line. The customer owns and is responsible for the meter box, service entrance cable and masthead.

equipment responsibility

If the meter box, service entrance cable and/or masthead are damaged, DP&L will make every effort to reconnect your service. However, there are times when the damage is too extensive and DP&L service cannot be connected for safety reasons. If this is the case, a hazard tag will be issued.

hazard tag identifying properties that cannot be reconnected due to structural damage

In this instance, you should:

  1. Call a licensed electrician?to make the necessary repairs or replacements to the damaged electric equipment.?
  2. If equipment is replaced, an?inspection?is required. Your electrician will work with the local inspection authority to sign off on the work. Inspections are required if the following equipment is replaced:
    • Service entrance cable
    • Meter socket
    • Breaker box
  3. Call DP&L at 937-331-4860. A DP&L technician will be scheduled to reconnect your electric service.

We are working to make additional resources available to reconnect customers as quickly as possible.