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Business Rebate FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about DP&L business rebates.

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These are some of the most common questions regarding DP&L Business Rebates. If you need additional assistance, contact the DP&L Business Rebates Team at

The Rapid Rebates program provides a streamlined way for DP&L customers to receive rebates for standard energy efficiency measures. The amount of the rebate is fixed based on the equipment installed. The Custom Rebate program is for unusual equipment or process changes that will reduce energy consumption and energy demand. Under this program, the customer must prove that project will save energy and the rebate value varies depending on the amount of kWh and KW saved.
First you should review the online information for the Rapid Rebates and Custom Rebate programs on this site. If you have questions regarding the rebate process, feel free to email us. In addition, DP&L's Channel Partners will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding specific types of equipment or the application process.
For lighting, HVAC, motors, compressed air rebates, or measures on the list of additional technologies, use the online Rapid Rebates Application. For custom rebates, use the online Custom Rebate Application.
You should complete the rebate application when you have finalized your project plans and are ready to purchase your energy-efficient equipment. For the Rapid Rebates program you may complete an application after you have installed energy savings equipment, although this is strongly discouraged. For the Custom program, all applications must be submitted in advance since DP&L will need to verify your energy baseline before existing equipment may be removed. Custom projects that are not pre-approved will be ineligible for a rebate.
We will be happy to assist you in completing the rebate application. Please email us, and we will get back to you promptly.
You will receive emails when the status of your application changes. Be sure to add to your list of approved email addresses. You may also check the status at any time by providing your confirmation number. You will find your confirmation number in the email you receive after submitting your application.
Each project shall be eligible to receive a single DP&L incentive.
Currently there is no plan to discontinue the rebate programs although DP&L reserves the right to discontinue or change them in the future.
DP&L will make reasonable efforts to notify customers in the event their applications are impacted.
Any individual account number will be limited in incentives in any calendar year to the greater of $250,000 or the amount equivalent to the dollars paid into DP&L's Energy Efficiency Rider for the individual account number during the preceding 12 months, with the exception of CHP projects.
You must complete the Rebate Extension Request form. We will evaluate your request and notify you of our decision.
No. Rebate values for the Rapid Rebates program will change from time to time, depending on technology improvements or market needs. However, the rebate that was available when you purchased your equipment will be the rebate you receive.
Final documentation is required prior to DP&L issuing a rebate payment. This includes the following:
  • Your DP&L account number
  • Equipment specification sheets
  • Itemized invoices for equipment purchased and equipment installed
  • Valid W-9 for your business
  • Post-installation audit report, if applicable
Yes, there is no requirement that you use a contractor or other third party for installation.